Expression for All

This is a prototype for a more fluid submission process so anyone and everyone can be a part of Decodification.

Give us your name/ pseudonym if you would like credit or you can stay anonymous.

If you’d like to keep contact, give us a way to get back to you however you might be communicating (social media, phone, email, letters etc.).

And then in the content section you can submit original work (essays, poems, visual art, music etc.), and/or work by someone else.  If you are submitting something you found vs original work please give credit to the original creator, and if you’d like, write 100-300 words about it.  Please include links to images, videos or music you would like included in your post, and copy and paste any written material or use a link if you can.  An admin will format the post for you and even write an intro for you if you don’t want to. If you have a complete post formatted and would like to keep it the way you made it, please email it in a word/ google doc to

If you would like to be an admin write to us in this section or the Critiques and Complements section with a personal introduction including why you’d like to admin this blog.

We look forward to growing together, and reaping the fruits of our radical projects.