A Dream: Am I in love again?

A dream from June 3rd, 2017

Ever since I started smoking weed, I can’t remember a better dream at all.

I arrived at a baseball stadium on a clear sunny day. The back of stadium (also known as the home-run zone) was cut out, so the balls fell outside the stadium and one could see the action through a chain-link fence. Danny, my older cousin, was already there. For a while, I stayed there picking up balls hit over the fence, talking to him. I remember how we used to play one-on-one baseball together and watch games with our grandfather whose death is still a shock to all of us.

Some time passed, and I walked to where my aunt Patricia was staying. I hung out with her in her living room for a while looking through the radio as if it were a computer. I checked profiles and records to see if [hair flip emoji] was having more fun than me, and if we could meet up to no avail. I’m glad I didn’t see her because she usually shows up in my dreams.

My mom, my grandmother and a few unidentified men show-up, and we go out through the back door for a walk. I notice chickens, chicks, and a large rooster walking and exploring a garden. Something disturbed them, so they went to find a new hiding spot. We kept waking until they ran into a famous gardener who they stopped to greet. I had no interest in the guy due to [falling in love is a cliché, shall we rise together?], so I just kept going.

Somehow I found myself strolling on some wheels. I thought it was a big wheel but when I looked down it was a skateboard. I clumsily skated up a hill against traffic when these two young, black men caught up to me. The first person rode a very nice board and went ahead of me and his friend to the top of the hill. The other stopped, because I got in his way. He was friendly and helped me keep my balance. We both got to the top of the hill which was a room with a whiteboard on one wall and a dark opening on the other side. We all knew it was an obstacle course for like some x-games type-shit.

I didn’t go into the obstacle course, because I wasn’t very good at riding and the board was very small and flimsy. The rider who stopped offered me his ride which was a skateboard with a bike seat on it. I shyly declined, feeling uncoordinated and like I didn’t want to look worse in front of them. Then a whole bunch of people came in and I started to blend in by chatting, writing on the board and laughing at jokes.

After a while, they started to break up into couples and walk out of the room. I wondered if I would be alone in the end. A girl sees me lingering as everyone was saying goodbye. I had a feeling she might like me. She had a cute round face, white milky skin, blond hair, large round eyes and a playful smile + vibe. She looked like [someone that I’ve seen before in pictures].

As the last person walked out, she approached me. “Hi, my name is Mint.” She was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts which were both mint green. And so was her lipstick. “Hi, Mint. I’m Joel.”

We make both make a flirtatious gesture and she takes my hand. I was so glad she did too, because I have never been good at making the first move even if I know it is mutual. We walk out the room, up some stairs, and she sits on the steps above me. I look at her face thinking about how beautiful she is, and how lucky I am she chose me. Her lips turn themselves into a kiss, and this is one of the few times I actually kiss someone in a dream.

Our lips connected and it was so wonderful. I felt so alive. Never have I ever kissed someone I met for the first time. (Actually except once. I met them online and that was a great moment too. I dead-ass started getting emotional when I realized I bored them by sitting too far away from them and not making any moves. Thankfully they were charmed by my honest display of emotion and we had some fun.) The kiss was so enchanting. I remember Mint’s lips actually tasting minty like a breath of fresh air. Too stuck in my thoughts, my bottom lip got stuck to her teeth. Perhaps I wanted her to bite it. My lip was so stuck that I had to move it with my hand. And the kiss was over.

The next day came and I was back in the room I met her. I forgot to mention, the day before the group of people who appeared also performed a play which I only watched. Mint was a great actress too. I sat in a different spot this time waiting for all of them to come back. I remember thinking about how I wasn’t finished kissing the night before and I wanted to show her more. I wanted to thrill her.

Half the people from the night before came back in the room and Mint was among them. We locked eyes, but didn’t speak. A different girl sat next to me and said, “When are you going to tell Vanessa you like her?” I was confused. Is Vanessa another person or could she mean Mint? I’m pretty sure Mint and me had something going on. I look around, but I only see Mint smiling at me. She walks over but I stay seated. I was unsure about how to embrace her in front of everyone, because I’m the worst with being affectionate in public. I don’t like that sort of attention, and I am careful with other people being envious of me. I know I would be in such a situation. I embraced her in an awkward way, but she didn’t seem bothered. She was more humorously understanding. The play started again but soon enough it was over. I had participated a bit this time giving my reactions to the action. This time everyone left much more quickly after the play.

Mint lay on a bed now. She told me she’d rather not hook-up, because she was still tired from staying up and walking home the night before. I smiled and sat in a chair next to her. We made small talk about Portugal (which was kinda strange because we were in South America). I also thought about [a lovely human] and what she might think. I hardly ever pass a day without thinking about [luminescence], but I never see her in person or even in my dreams. Mint’s friend joined us and we talked about the future. I asked how much is rent here and we talked as if we would move in together. I notice her smile and the sunshine one last time and think, “Am I in love again?” I wake up.