I wish you could be untitled

Huge Purple Dinosaur

Happy white smile

songs about love and family


Fresh new eyes expand with torrid light

ears shake with indolent vibrations

feel and discover

the world out of reach

fed through a television screen


I am trapped inside this concrete box

a fertile hostility gleams in the window



the ultimate relationship for the decay of relationships

activity becomes a free and spontaneous relationship with oppression

sweet images blossom from coarse languid skeletons of the invisible

buried in the imagination of gears and circuitry


the cowardly few who will be in a grave or in flames before the story is through

play their vampiric game

sucking out our life essence

converting us into the living dead

slaves for blood

the thirst

the poison in our lives

digs in and turns all,

even love into a tragedy



my first Love


diving in with the passion of a religious conversion

hands in prayer

the best christian husband could see my reality was an illusion

-that I saved her from the misery of being alone and free

– that god made the relationship possible not me

-that I should cherish her as if she were my property


These ideas could not stand in peace without concession

there is no peace through ownership of people

our fairy-tale would not soar


left sore from pushing to make it work

we closed our eyes and wished love was real

but it hid behind jealousy

and almost

killed two lovers who couldn’t help but feel


breaking out of a cage one lover calls a home is like sawing off a piece of yourself and then another


the nights when

cold air cut between panicked screams,

sharpened tears cut paths down my cheeks,

kitchen blades cut through divine skin

will never stop haunting me


the attack on our souls kills the most beautiful things


escaping the cage

hasn’t stopped the tears

knowing I left her inside


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