This is a blog devoted to the work of students taking action for a revolutionary transformation of the everyday life of all people.  The kind of transformations which take place will be chosen by the proletariat.  The bourgeoisie will have us believe only they can decide on the matters of our lives and that our ideas are only suggestions, for only they know what is truly right.  They have taken great care to employ the services of an entire state apparatus including but not limited to schools, churches, courts, and prisons to maintain control of our lives.  The life of the proletariat and hence the majority of human existence depends on our ability to organize against the forces of the bourgeoisie who depend on the tools of conquest to steal our lives effectively consuming us whole.  Education is one of our strongest tools in the collective project to liberate ourselves from all boundaries– primarily the current historical boundary we face which is the dominance of the bourgeoisie who manipulate us with false institutions of education.  In all class societies education has either been non existent for the proletariat or has been used to indoctrinate young people to perform a function once they are considered mature. To hell with their functions! The proletariat creates the entire world.  We hold it up on our backs for the capitalists to destroy. It is time to use education as a tool of liberation! In their game to enslave us the masters have dug their own grave.  The same institutions they use to try and alienate us are the same ones we will subvert to overcome alienation. As students we have practiced the different tools for our liberation: science, art and philosophy; and use them to create a revolutionary transformation for the benefit of all people with education as an essential part of freedom.  This blog is to breath life into our history, and to show our ideas, creations, and discoveries which bring us closer to one another and to victory!


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