Planting the Seeds of Resistance

What is a Decodification?

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The term, decodification, is used by Paolo Friere in his most famous book Pedagogy of the Oppressed published in 1968.  Friere is legendary for his contributions to the development of our revolutionary education practice.  Either directly or through other thinkers Friere has influenced an entire movement of radical educators to develop critical consciousness. describes a codification as: “A way of gathering information in order to build up a picture (codify) around real situations and real people.  Decodification is a process whereby the people in a group begin to identify with aspects of the situation until they feel themselves to be in the situation and so able to reflect critically upon its various aspects, thus gathering understanding.  It is like a photographer bringing a picture into focus.”

We hope to use the abundant materials available to us to effectively decodify our experience and build collective awareness to create a society for the fulfillment of each individual’s potential.  The information we share here will hopefully inspire transformative discussion both on this blog and in our daily lives.